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2023 Hall of Fame Induction Banquet Event and more!

Winston-Salem Forsyth/County Schools Sports Hall of Fame

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PURPOSE: This program is designed to honor those persons and former athletes, male and female, who by the excellence of their participation in, or association with high school athletics, have brought outstanding recognition and esteem to themselves and to the City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.
Further, "the program seeks to capture much of the rich athletic tradition that has been generated through the years by the outstanding athletic programs of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Schools.



The Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club is proud to announce that six of the finest athletes,

three coaches, one athletic director, and two contributors have been approved for induction into the

Winston-Salem Forsyth County High School Sports Hall of Fame.

The six Players are:

  • Lloyd “Leslie” Booker (Parkland)

  • Lee Robert Brush (West Forsyth)

  • Michelle Clayton (East Forsyth)

  • Gregory Holt (West Forsyth)

  • Allison Lippard Morris (Reynolds)

  • Cecil Oliver Jr. (Parkland)

The three Coaches are:

  • Michael Muse (North Forsyth and East Forsyth)

  • Jeff Thompson (West Forsyth)

  • Sean Vestal (North Forsyth)

The Athletic Director is:

  • Timothy White (East Forsyth)

The two Contributors are:

  • James Blackburn

  • William “Bill” Hayes

The induction ceremony was held on Friday, May 5th at 7:00pm at the M.C. Benton Convention & Civic Center.
Tricia McManus, Superintendent of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, Donald Martin, Chairman Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, and Mayor Allen Joines attended and offered their personal congratulations. Dave Goren served as Master of Ceremony. Click here to access the Nomination form for 2024.

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Challenge Grant

The Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club has inducted a total of 324 Hall of Famers into the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Sports Hall of Fame since 1983. Our organization is issuing a challenge to all inductees to make a $100.00 or more donation to the Challenge Grant. This grant will be used to fund the 2023 induction banquet that will be held on Friday May 6, 2023 at the M.C. Benton Convention Center.

As an inductee, do you remember how special you were treated at your induction banquet and that feeling you experienced? In order for our organization to continue to give others that same experience, we need your support.

Your contribution of $100.00 or more to the Challenge Grant is tax deductible. The Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that does not pay salaries to any of its members. All Hall of Famers who participate will become a member of the Century Club and will be listed in our Hall of Fame Souvenir Program and on our website.

Please make check payable to: Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club, Inc. and mail to:

P.O. Box 4353 | Winston-Salem, NC 27115-4353 | Attn: Aldeen Smith

Credit Card donations can be made by contacting Aldeen Smith at 336-682-3493, there is a $3 service fee.

Payments can also be made by Cash App; $wssportsmenclubinc1 (scan QR Code)

Please send your Challenge Grant payments to us by April 22, 2023 to help facilitate getting your name placed in the souvenir program.

Since its inception, the Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club has been committed to recognizing and rewarding excellence in athletics. For many years, the organization sponsored the very prestigious “Banquet of Champions.”

In the fall of 1981 Joe Williams proposed the idea of an even more prestigious and more ambitious project for the group, a High School Sports Hall of Fame. Because of his experience, Williams was asked to provide the leadership.

Williams and a committee appointed to aid in the planning of the High School Sports Hall of Fame, projected May 25, 1983 as the first date, and the club members set out soliciting funds required to implement the program. Marty Penn was elected President to lead the newly realized venture.

The establishment of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County High School Sports Hall of Fame opened a new chapter in the Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club’s history book by honoring those persons who have achieved the level of excellence in sports as participants, administrators, journalists and special supporters. It also added a new dimension to the sports programs of all local high schools. Currently there has been 312 former athletes, coaches, administrators and supporters inducted into the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Sports Hall of Fame.

The physical Museum is located inside the Downtown School at the corner of 6th Street and Cherry Street in Downtown Winston-Salem, NC.



* Number of Years Donor

Issac Howard**********

Jimmy Boyd**

Robert Moore*********

Alfred Poe****

Donald Hicks****

Ronnie Osborne*

Worth Seats**

Dan Traylor*

Mary Garber**

Jack Blaylock**

William Cheek**

Richard Chapple**

David Plummer***

Jim Bovender Jr.*******

Terry Key*****

Jack Edwards**********

Marty Stanley********

Mark Redd***

Terry Pope*******

Michael Bennett*******

Rodney Webb*******

Ben Piggott*******

Howard West*

Olan Shuler Jr.*******

Hiawatha Griffith**

Randy Pope****

Jerry Gilmore III*

James Burwell***

Carolyn Roddy*****

Melton Hardee*

Johnny Stoutamire**

Michael Grace Sr.**

Joe “Bill” Ellender***

William Brown*

Bernard Williams Jr.*

Keith Wilkes*

Ronald Buchanan Jr.*

Deangelo Bell*

Guy Flynt*

Jeff Denny***

Sam Sanders*

William Hauser***

Larry Haney**

Carl Spaugh*

James Webster Sr.*

William Butler Jr.****

Donald Johnson**

Charles Bailey**

David Bluford*

Norris Thomas***

James Webster Jr.*

Bob Sapp**

Waddell Cockerham*

Art Blevins*******

Chris Paul*****

Tyrone Anthony****

David Nifong*****

Tom Chambers*

Ken Hayes*******

Doug Wall**

Titcus Pettigrew*

Curt Telford******

Erik Walker*

Julie Smith Dover*****

Maurice Atwood***

Tom Muse***********

Patricia Gainey******

Steve Joyner**

Melissa Carroll*

Dave Goren**

Gerald Carter*

Michael Grace Jr.*

Ron Sebastian**

Donald Covington*

Teddy East**

Ronnie Christian*

Talmadge “Ike” Hill*

Mary Roper Halverson************

Drew Buie*****************

Sandy Gann Sr.*****************

Chris Kirkpatrick****************

William Griffin****

Gloria Ingram***************

Hazel Phillips***********

Jacques Holiday************

Norma Harbin************

Conrad Graham Sr.****************

Durwood Pack********

Nigel Alston****

Bill Johnson**************

Hessie Smith Jr.*********

T. R. Richards**

June Worrell**************

Ernest Gary*********

Arthur Childs********

Daniel Bowen***************

Eugene Campbell*****

Winfred Mack Jr.****************

Jerome Watson****************

Mr. & Mrs. Stan Elrod********

Albert Conner Sr.*************

Ed Brockwell***

William Stanfield*

Josh Howard*

Willie Ashford***

Col Steven Mock****

Jamie Wilkes*************

Charles Williard****

Andrew Kennedy**

Donald Martin Jr.****************


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