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About the Hall of Fame
 Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club, Inc.             P.O. Box 4353            Winston-Salem, NC  27115-4353
The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County High School Sports Hall of Fame Council
A. Duties: The duties of the Council members shall be to:
     1. Serve as a liaison, interpretive voice of the Hall of Fame Program for the Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club to local community citizens.
     2. Assist the Sportsmen Club in building a positive image of the Hall of Fame.
    3. Cultivate and motivate local civic leaders and athletic support groups that will ultimately strengthen the Program.
     4. Serve as Ambassadors in the local community of the Hall of Fame.
     5. Assist the Sportsmen Club in identifying prospective sponsors for the Program.
     6. Contribute financially to the coffers of the Hall of Fame.
    7. Solicit and receive gifts and grants from individuals, foundations, and businesses to ensure an annual successful program.
    8. Promote an endowment fund of the Hall of Fame to guarantee it a permanent place in the community.
 B. Memberships: The Council shall consist of local citizens who are interested in and supportive of the Hall of Fame.
     1. Initially, there shall be nine (9) Council members,
    2. The number of members may be increased or decreased upon recommendation of the Council and approval of Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club.
    3. The president of the Sportsmen Club and the chair of the Hall of Fame Program committee shall serve on the Council as advisors.  
C. Tenure for Council Members: The tenure of Council members shall be:
     1. Serve on the Council for a minimum of three (3) years and a maximum of five (5) years.
    2. Whenever vacancies occur on the Council, they may be filled by a vote of the majority of the Council members with approval of the Sportsmen Club.
    3. During the tenure of a member, if he/she wishes to resign from the Council, a letter will be acceptable.
 D. Meetings of the Council: There shall be no required number of meetings of the Council annually.
     1. Initially, the Council will be asked to meet twice annually.
    2. The president of the Sportsmen Club and the chair of the Hall of Fame Program committee will meet with the Council and report all business transactions
         to the Club.
NOTE: The purpose of the Council and duties of the Council members are by no means final. 
           One of the keys to the success of this distinguished group of local citizens is flexibility.
                                                                                         COUNCIL MEMBERS
                             Gloria Ingram                                                                                                 William A. Griffith    
                              Jim Bovender                                                                                                 Tom Muse, Sr.
                              William Fulton                                                                                               Martha Land
                              Norma Harbin                                                                                                 Bob Sapp
                              Ernest Gary                                                                                                     Bill Johnson
                              June Worrell                                                                                                   Danny Bowen
                              Hessie Smith                                                                                                  Cynthia Jeffries
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